Deal: Samsung QLED TVs, Gear VR With Controller, And More – 11/23/17


Samsung, one of the largest tech companies out there, has just announced its Black Friday deals, all of which are already available for purchase, even though Black Friday did not come knocking just yet. The company has decided to discount five products, including its Gear VR headset with controller, a couple of TVs, a tablet and a MicroSD card, and it's also worth noting that you can get a free VR headset with the company's 360 camera, if you decide to purchase it, read on if you're interested.

Before we begin, it's worth noting that shipping is free for all the gadgets that you order, and do keep in mind that these offers are valid for US customers. The first device on the list is the Samsung Gear 360, the company camera, which has not been discounted, but if you purchase it, you'll get the Gear VR headset as a gift. The Gear 360 camera is priced at $199.99, just in case you were wondering, though do keep in mind you'll need a microSD card in order to capture and save content on this gadget. The company's Gear VR headset comes with a controller, and it usually costs $129.99, but if you purchase it now, you'll be required to pay only $89.99. Now, if you're looking to pick up a new TV, the company's 55-inch Class Q7F QLED 4K TV is now discounted as well, you can get this TV for $1,499.99 now, while it usually costs $2,799.99, so you'll basically be saving $1,300 if you purchase it. That's not all, though, as this is not the only TV that the company decided to discount, the 65-inch Class Q7F QLED 4K TV, which is essentially a larger variant of the TV that we've mentioned a moment ago, has also been discounted, to $2,199.99. This TV now costs $1,800 less than usual, as its regular price point stands at $3,999.99.

If you're in the market for a microSD card, well, Samsung's MicroSDXC EVO Plus card with 256GB of storage (2017 model) is now more affordable than usual. This is one of the pricier memory cards out there, as it usually costs $199.99, but if you're interested, you can now get it for $149.99. And last, but not least, the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch tablet, Wi-Fi variant. This tablet now costs $279, while it is usually priced at $499, so you're basically getting a $220 discount here. In case you're interested in any of these products, all the necessary links are included down below.


Gear 360 with Gear VR
Gear VR with Controller (2017)
55-inch Class Q7F QLED 4K TV
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65-inch Class Q7F QLED 4K TV
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MicroSDXC Evo Plus Memory Card
Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi Variant