Deal: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Unlocked 64GB $150 Off – 11/23/17


Black Friday hasn't actually been starting on Friday for a few years now as retailers are rushing to provide attractive discounts to consumers as soon as possible, especially when it comes to products that you're unlikely to buy in bulks like smartphones. Cue Samsung's new offer on a brand new 64GB variant of the Galaxy S8 Plus that comes unlocked with a regular U.S. warranty and is now $150 off, tying the record-low price of this handset if you don't account for trade-in discounts. For a limited time, the Galaxy S8 Plus will set you back just $674.99, which is a great deal on an Android flagship that's widely considered to be one of the best smartphones ever created.

Apart from packing all the raw computing power that its premium rivals do, the Galaxy S8 Plus also ships with both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot, both of which other manufacturers started ditching in recent times. The handset is also IP68-certified for resistance to dust particles and water and can survive a drop in a lake or bathtub without any issues. A new bezel-less design approach allowed Samsung to deliver a flagship that's well into the phablet territory with its 6.2-inch screen yet has a physical footprint comparable to that of 5.5-inch devices with regular bezels. Likewise, while many phone makers like LG, Huawei, and OnePlus have been adopting the 18:9 aspect ratio over the course of this year, the Galaxy S8 Plus features a display taking advantage of an 18.5:9 image format, meaning it's even slimmer and easier to hold than its bezel-free rivals despite offering truly massive screen real estate.

In overall, the Galaxy S8 Plus is a fantastic device and one of the best smartphones that money can currently buy, whereas it's arguably the best mobile offering in the sub-$700 segment to which it now belongs for a limited time, presumably while supplies last. Naturally, with Black Friday knocking on the door, don't count on the stock to hold up over the weekend. You can check whether this great deal on the Galaxy S8 Plus is still live by referring to the banner below.


Samsung Galaxy S8+ Unlocked 64GB - US Version (Midnight Black)
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