Deal: RAVPower Discounts 22 Gadgets For Black Friday

Black Friday is upon us, and RAVPower has decided to join plenty other companies who already shared their deals for Black Friday, you can read more about the company's Black Friday sale by clicking here. If you were waiting for a specific RAVPower gadget to get discounted, well, you’re in luck, as RAVPower decided to discount 22 products, and no, it’s not a typo. In the list down below, you’ll be able to find various RAVPower-branded gadgets all of which are available as we speak, and you can purchase them from Amazon, though we're not sure how long will the sale last, so it may be best to get the products you want straight away. Let’s talk about some of these gadgets, shall we.

RAVPower discounted its portable chargers, power banks, charging cables, and so on. The RAVPower 16,750mAh Portable Charger is one of the products that the company discounted, and it is currently available over on Amazon, as is every other gadget you’ll find on the list down below. The RAVPower 16,750mAh portable charger usually costs $38.99, but you can now grab it for $29.24. The company’s 16W Solar Panel is now also discounted, just in case you need a waterproof, foldable charger which will use the sun in order to recharge your gadgets. This can be really useful if you’re camping frequently, and there’s usually plenty of sun where you live. This Solar Panel now costs $37.49, while it’s usually priced at $49.99. The company’s 4-port Quick Charge 3.0 fast charger is now quite affordable as well, this charger comes with one Quick Charge 3.0 port, and three 5V/2.4A ports. The device itself is quite compact, and it’s not priced at $11.99, while it usually costs $24.99, so it is now over 50 percent more affordable than usual.

If you’re in need of a car charger, the company’s Quick Charge 3.0 36W dual USB car charger is now priced at $8.99, while it usually costs $12.99. You can charge up to two smartphones with this car charger, and it looks like pretty much every other car charger, though the Quick Charge 3.0 is the main feature here, of course. The company’s 12,000mAh Power Pack is now priced at $16.49, while it usually costs $19.99. If you’re in need of USB-A to USB-C, or USB-C to USB-A charging cables, well, you can now get two of each at a discount from RAVPower, the USB-A to USB-C 2-pack is priced at $7.49, while the USB-C to USB-C cables cost $9.59. You’ll be able to find all the necessary links down below, and if you'd like to know more about RAVPower's Black Friday campaign, which includes a giveaway, click on the link down below.

RAVPower 16,750mAh Portable Charger (November 24, 11:55AM PST - 5:55PM PST)
RAVPower 27,000mAh Power Bank (November 24, 2:30PM PST - 8:30PM PST)
RAVPower 16W Solar Charger (November 24, 10:35AM PST - 4:35PM PST)
RAVPower USB Quick Charger (November 24, 4:45PM PST - 10:45PM PST)
RAVPower 40W 4-Port Wall Charger (November 24, 9:29AM PST - 3:20PM PST)
RAVPower Galaxy S5 2,800mAh Replacement Battery (November 24, 11:35AM PST - 5:35PM PST)
RAVPower Galaxy S4 2,800mAh Replacement Battery (November 24, 7:40AM PST - 1:40PM PST)
RAVPower 36W Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger (November 24, 1:25PM PST - 7:25PM PST)
RAVPower 15,000mAh Solar Charger (November 24, 2:55PM PST - 8:55PM PST)
RAVPower Car Jump Starter 1000A (November 24, 3:10AM PST - 9:10AM PST)
RAVPower 26,800mAh Portable Charger (November 24, 11AM PST - 5PM PST)
RAVPower 40W 4-Port USB Charger (November 24, 9:20AM PST - 3:20PM PST)
RAVPower 60W 6-Port Fast Charger (November 24, 12:20AM PST - 6:20PM PST)
RAVPower 12,000mAh Power Pack (November 24, 5:20PM PST - 11:20PM PST)
RAVPower Quick Charge 3.0 54W 4-Port Car Charger (November 24, 4:45AM PST - 10:45PM PST)
RAVPower 3-in-1 USB-C Adapter (November 24, 4:45AM PST - 10:45PM PST)
RAVPower 40W 4-Port Quick Charger (November 24, 4:45AM PST - 10:45AM PST)
RAVPower 60W 6-Port Fast Charger (November 24, 12:20AM PST - 6:20AM PST)
RAVPower 20,100mAh USB-C Quick Charge 3.0 Power Bank (November 24, 3:05PM PST - 9:05PM PST)
RAVPower 4-in-1 Mini Surge Protector (November 24, 8:30AM PST - 2:30PM PST)
RAVPower 2-Pack USB-A to USB-C / USB-C Charging Cables (November 24, 12:45AM PST - 6:45PM PST)
RAVPower 2-Pack USB-C to USB-C Charging Cables (November 24, 5AM PST - 11AM PST)
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