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The Mpow Wireless Earbud is purpose-designed to provide consumers with a way to interact with actions like making and taking calls on their smartphone, without having to directly use their smartphone or worry about cables connecting the earbud to the smartphone. This is a single earbud which adopts Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to devices and once connected allows the wearer to make and receive HD-quality voice calls. As this is Bluetooth 4.1, wearers can expect the Mpow Wireless Earbud to be able to pair, and maintain a connection to Bluetooth-enabled devices from as far as 33 feet away. In addition, this is a unit which can be connected to more than one Bluetooth-enabled device at the same time. Making it an ideal option for drivers who need to be able to quickly access multiple smartphones safely.

This is all while ensuring the build of the earbud results in a very lightweight product. Which in turn offers a more tighter fit when worn in the ear. Further adding to its custom fit, the Mpow Wireless Earbud comes packaged with three different sized ear plugs. So buyers will easily be able to find the right-sized earbud for their particular ear shape and size. Likewise, due to its lightweight and tight-fitting nature, this is an earbud designed for discreet wearing. So buyers can feel confident that the earbud not only fits well, but will barely be noticeable by the wearer, let alone others. As for the battery life, the Mpow Wireless Earbud is listed to offer up to 6 hours of usage when used at a 50-percent volume level. For those looking for use at a greater volume, the company states the earbud will be able to provide up to 4.5 hours of interrupted usage when used at its maximum volume setting. In standby mode, Mpow lists the battery as capable of lasting up to 150 hours and when a charge is needed the Mpow Wireless Earbud is a USB-powered device. Which means this unit can be charged at home, at work, in the car, or just about anywhere a USB port is available. Recharge time is listed as one hour and it is worth noting that the two USB chargers included in the box are magnetic chargers. So there are no cables involved with the charging experience either – all owners have to do is magnetically attach the earbud to the charger and the unit will automatically enter a charging state.

When it comes to the cost, this is likely to be one of the most attractive selling points, as the Mpow Wireless Earbud is currently available to buy from Amazon priced at only $15.99. Making this price even more appealing however, is coupon code O3B7GNLZ. As this will take an additional $3 off the already low price, bringing the final total down to only $12.99. At this price, and for a product which offers a fully wirefree calling experience while driving, as well as the ability to simultaneously connect to multiple devices, the Mpow Wireless Earbud is worth checking out. For more details on this earbud, as well as the option to buy, head through the link below and be sure to use the coupon code when checking out to secure the best available price.


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Mpow Wireless Bluetooth Earbud - $12.99