Deal: MindKoo Bluetooth Speaker For $15.59 With A Promo Code


Black Friday is tomorrow, but there are already a ton of nice deals available out there, including the one that we'll talk about in this article. MindKoo has just announced that its Bluetooth speaker with LED nightlight is now available for only $15.59, though you'll need a coupon code which was provided to us by the company in order to get it at that price point, as the speaker itself is currently priced at $25.99 on Amazon. You will find a purchase link for this speaker, and a coupon code for the discount down below.

Now, this is a Bluetooth speaker, which means that it is probably compatible with pretty much every handset that you're using these days, while you can also hook it up to your PC, if that's something that you prefer. The device can connect to every device which sports Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR or newer version of Bluetooth, in case you were wondering. This speaker sports a boxy design, and it actually looks rather interesting, it's not your typical speaker in terms of the design, that's for sure. This speaker comes with warm LED night lights, two of them, to be exact, and there are also two subwoofers included here,10W each. You can adjust those two LED light with a button which is included on the front side of this speaker. This wireless speaker can play audio for you for up to 6 hours before it will require you to charge it, says the company. The MindKoo Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a microUSB port, while you'll also find an Aux jack here, which brings even more utility to the speaker.

Now, it's also worth noting that you're getting a 12-month warranty for this speaker, according to its Amazon listing, and this starts from the day you purchase it. The MindKoo Bluetooth speaker actually offers solid bass output, and the sound quality should be just fine, while it's also worth noting that this speaker is green-colored, though the color actually complements the base of the speaker, which is black-colored. If you're looking for a nice speaker to include in your home setup, the MindKoo Bluetooth speaker may be just right for you, and it's really affordable at the moment.


MindKoo Bluetooth speaker with LED lights
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