Deal: Lenovo FLEX 5 Windows 10 Laptop For $579.99 – 11/24/17


Laptops these days come in all sizes with plenty of different specs and tons of different features that are meant to be suitable to different kinds of people, but no matter what it is you're looking for in a laptop one thing that most consumers will probably agree on is that getting a laptop for a good price would be an ideal situation. Right now Staples is having a deal on the Lenovo FLEX 5 laptop for Black Friday, bringing it down from its original price of $780 to just $580 which saves you $200.

Whether you're planning on using the laptop for school or work, or just for personal reasons like web browsing, social media, videos and other entertainment, the FLEX 5 has plenty of great features that would come in useful, such as the capability to use the laptop in a touch screen mode so you can interact with the touch display or just use it for watching videos. The Lenovo FLEX 5 is a 2-in-1 laptop so it the keyboard can be flipped around and the laptop can rest on the keyboard to be used in the touch mode, or it can be used in a tent mode, or the screen can be flipped around onto the keyboard and it can be used like an actual tablet in the tablet mode if you plan to hold or just want to lay it flat.

The FLEX 5 runs on Windows 10 so you'll get access to loads of apps from the Windows store and all of the latest software and security updates. It's also relatively light as it weighs just 3.74 pounds, so if you do plan to use the laptop in tablet mode you can dos so without having to worry too much about it being heavy and uncomfortable to hold after long periods of use. The Lenovo FLEX 5 would make a great gift for anyone in need of a laptop thanks to all the features and its sleek design, and it's even got a fingerprint reader for a bit of extra security.


Lenovo FLEX 5
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