Deal: GE Lighting C Alexa-Enabled Smart Lamp For $99 – 11/27/17


Cyber Monday is a great opportunity to get into the smart home game without breaking the bank, and the latest offer that allows you to do so just emerged online, coming in the form of a 33 percent discount on the GE Lighting C, an Alexa-enabled smart lamp with an integrated speaker and microphone. Regularly priced at $150, this Internet of Things device will now set you back just $99.99 for a limited time, though GE didn't specify how long will the offer be available. Given that state of affairs, you shouldn't assume the sale will last for more than a few days tops and may come to a premature end if the company's supplies don't last, which is always a possibility in the middle of one of the largest online shopping holidays of the year.

This is by far the biggest discount the GE Lighting C ever received and the first occasion on which the intelligent lamp dropped below the $100 mark, with its second lowest price to date being $130 that was offered last month for a few days. Don't expect the firm to drop the price of the GE Lighting C any lower before mid-2018 or until it decides to introduce a successor to its Internet-enabled device. As for the product itself, the GE Lighting C is a modern-looking lamp that should add some extra style to any contemporary household and also comes with support for Amazon's artificial intelligence assistant so that you're able to order it around and use it as a command center for compatible devices like TVs, locks, cameras, and other lighting equipment.

At this heavily discounted price point, the GE Lighting C is an excellent deal regardless of whether you're shopping for a great tech gift for the holidays or want to ennoble your own smart home setup. Refer to the banner below to check whether GE's offer is still valid, which it was as of Monday morning PST.


GE Lighting C
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