Deal: BB-9E App-Enabled Star Wars Droid For $99, 33% Off – 11/24/17


Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to get an early start on some holiday shopping and find great bargains on products that you can gift in December, and one such incredibly priced offering just appeared on Amazon, coming in the form of Sphero's BB-9E droid, the very same one that's set to appear in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi in a couple of weeks' time. Whereas the BB-8 serves the resistance and the "real" BB-9E is a rolling agent of the First Order, this particular unit will follow your commands regardless of whether you sympathize with the Jedi or consider yourself to be a fan of the dark side of the force.

In practice, the BB-9E appears to be rather similar to Sphero's BB-8 lineup, meaning you should expect a small replica of the original Star Wars droid that moves in an authentic manner and sounds just like it rolled off the movie theater's screen right into your living room. If you or some of your loved ones have kids, they're almost guaranteed to love this toy and if you don't, you'll probably adore the tiny droid even more. Sphero's other Star Wars products are also capable of interacting with the BB-9E which is something to keep in mind if you end up starting a spherical toy collection, a notion that never crosses the mind of an adult until they actually get to experience one of these things in real life.

A dedicated companion app for your Android or iOS smartphone that will allow you to control the BB-9E and learn more about the Star Wars universe is also part of the package here, as are some flashy LED lights that will make the droid a sight to behold once it starts rolling around in a darkly lit room. Don't expect this newly introduced discount to outlast Sphero's stock over the weekend and act fast if you intend on completely giving in to the Star Wars hype this December (of course you do).


BB-9E App-Enabled Droid with Droid Trainer by Sphero
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