Deal: Archeer Ultrasonic LED Humidifier At 60% Off w/ Code – 11/27/17


There's hardly a better time of the year for finding great deals on all kinds of consumer electronics, with one such offering having just emerged online, coming in the form of a massive 60 percent discount on the Archeer 300ML, an ultrasonic mist humidifier and an aromatherapy oil diffuser which also boasts several LED lights. Usually priced at $27.95, this curious gadget can now be yours for just $11.18, so long as you use the promo code listed below during checkout on Amazon. Both the Light Brown and White variants of the Archeer 300ML are eligible for the discount, though the manufacturer gave no info in regards to how long its new offer will be live, so don't count on it to be available for more than a few more days.

The Light Brown variant appears to be closer to going out of stock as of early Monday morning PST, having apparently attracted a lot of interest due to its natural woodgrain finish, whereas the White version of the Archeer 300ML looks more like a high-tech gadget than a device meant to ennoble your living room or a spa. Regardless, both appear to be rather versatile tools that can serve as either humidifiers or oil diffusers, depending on whether you load them with just water or some aromatherapy oil as well. The actual name of the device also denotes the volume of its tank that can accept up to 300ml of water and generate a maximum of 30ml of moisture on an hourly basis, which is extremely efficient for a product in this price range.

As the Archeer 300ML is an ultrasonic humidifier, expect it to generate virtually no noise, hence being suitable for any environment. If colorful LED lights are part of your dream decor, you'll also be pleased to know that this humidifier can cycle through seven colors or display only your favorite one which can further be customized by choosing between a bright and dim light. Refer to the banner below to check whether Archeer still has any units left in stock; if it does, you should still be able to get your hands on one just in time for the gifting season.


Archeer 300ML Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with Color LED Lights
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