Deal: Amazon Echo Dot, Second-Gen Echo & Echo Show Up To $50 Off – 11/24/17


The Black Friday is finally here and Staples is joining in on the discount-happy fun with great deals on a range of Amazon's Alexa-enabled offerings, with the second-generation Echo, Echo Dot, and the Echo Show all receiving deep price cuts. While a low price tag is already one of the main selling points of the Echo Dot that usually goes around for just $50, you can now purchase the smart speaker for only $29, which is a figure that ties the device's all-time low price tag. Likewise, the brand-new Echo that Amazon just recently announced and launched at $99 is now $20 off, with the $79 price tag being the lowest that was ever attached to the smart speaker over its short lifetime. Finally, the screen-equipped Echo Show is also part of the newly discounted lineup at Staples, being exactly $50 off and available for just $179. Much like its counterparts, the Echo Show is presently available at a price that has never been beaten by any retailer.

In today's sea of deals, getting yourself something that can help you start creating or ennobling your existing smart home setup is a really good idea, and Amazon's gadgets are currently the leading consumer AI solutions on the market, so you can hardly go wrong with any of them. In practice, your experience with the Alexa assistant supported by all three devices will be identical regardless of your product of choice and your pick will only depend on the level of audio quality you're seeking, as well as your (lack of a) need for a smart speaker with a display panel. The Echo Show's 7-inch LCD touch screen allows you to make and receive video calls, check out on your compatible security camera, and take selfies in conjunction with the gadget's front-facing imaging sensor. Checking out weather forecast and news is also easier when you don't have to wait for Alexa to recite such information, so if you're looking for maximum convenience and are willing to pay a little extra for it, the Echo Show is certainly the way to go.

Staples didn't specify how long its newly introduced discounts will last, so you should assume they're only good while there's any stock left, i.e. not for long. Refer to the banners below to check whether Amazon's intelligent speakers are still available for purchase.


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