Deal: ALCLAP Galaxy Note 8 Battery Case For $27.99 W/Coupon


The Galaxy Note 8 is the most powerful smartphone Samsung had released to date, well, next to the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, of course. This handset was announced back in August, and quite a few people around the world own it as we speak. Having said that, some of you are probably not happy with the Galaxy Note 8's battery life, not that it has bad battery life or anything of the sort, but there are those of you who always want / need more. Well, you're in luck, as a really compelling external battery case for the Galaxy Note 8 is now on sale, read on.

The ALCLAP Galaxy Note 8 external battery case can now be purchased for only $27.99 via the provided link down below (using the 'AM4DOSUY' coupon code). This is a 5,500mAh battery case, and it originally costs $34.99, so this is a considerable discount we're looking at here. Considering that the Galaxy Note 8 comes with a 3,300mAh battery, which is not removable, by the way, this battery case will add 125 percent of extra battery life to the Galaxy Note 8, which essentially means that you'll have a 8,800mAh battery to use, when you combine the two. This battery case is black-colored, and that's the only color that you can purchase, at least for now. This battery case is equipped with what the company calls 'Smart Dual Charge Technology', which means that you can charge both the Galaxy Note 8 and this battery case simultaneously using your Galaxy Note 8 Type-C charging cable.

This battery case comes with a soft, flexible frame, and a hard-shell backplate, which should not only provide extra battery life to the Galaxy Note 8, but also protect it against daily wear-and-tear. On top of everything, the ALCLAP Galaxy Note 8 battery case comes with an LED battery level indicator, so you'll know exactly how much battery do you have left. In case you'd like to take a closer look at this battery case, check out the gallery down below, and if you're interested in getting it, we've included the purchase link down below., though do not forget to utilize the coupon code which is also available down below.


ALCLAP Galaxy Note 8 5,500mAh Battery Case
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