Data: 39.5 Million US Smartphone Shipments In Q3, 2017

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Strategy Analytics has released its latest report detailing the current smartphone landscape within the US. In particular, the report looks at how the smartphone marked shaped up during the third quarter of 2017 with a focus on how many smartphones were shipped by the major smartphone makers and how those numbers equate to market share for those companies.

According to Strategy Analytics, topping the list in Q3 2017 was Apple who managed to ship 12 million units during the quarter. Samsung came in second with a total number of 9.9 million units shipped. LG and ZTE came in third and fourth respectively with LG shipping 6.8 million units and ZTE shipping 4.6 million. Motorola closes out the top 5 with 2.1 million units shipped. While Motorola saw less units shipped than the other four companies, it is worth noting that year-over-year Motorola showed the biggest within-company jump with its 2.1 million units almost double that of the 1.1 million units noted for Q3, 2016. ZTE also saw a decent increase from its 3.6 million in Q3, 2016 while LG saw a slight increase from its Q3 2016 figure of 6.5 million. As did Samsung who increased to its 9.9 million from 9.7 million. As for Apple, while it topped the list, it actually saw a million units less shipped during Q3 2017 compared to the 13 million noted for Q3 2016. A drop which also contributed to an overall dip in the total number of smartphones shipped during the quarter, with Q3 2017 listed as seeing 39.5 million units shipped, compared to the 40.1 million shipped during Q3 2016. A reduction equating to a 1.5-percent decrease YoY.

As for market share, these figures mean that Apple managed to retain the biggest share (30.4-percent) of the quarter, although this is down from the 32.5-percent it occupied during the same quarter in 2016. All Android-related manufacturers showed a slight increase with Samsung climbing from 24.2-percent up to 25.1-percent, LG up from 16.2-percent to 17.2-percent, and ZTE up from 9.1-percent to 11.6-percent. As mentioned, although Motorola saw the least units shipped of the top five, due to its position in the US during the same quarter last year, its market share effectively doubled in Q3 2017, up from 2.7-percent to 5.2-percent. As Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, points out, this sees Motorola returning “to a top-five ranking for the first time since 2015.”

Full Report (Strategy Analytics)