Dashlane Announces Version With A New Web Extension

November 2, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Dashlane has officially announced version 5 with a new web extension available in the browser, providing a more seamless experience for users in protecting their passwords for all their different accounts while also allowing access with ease. The new web extension is the focal point of this new version as Dashlane says it’s all about simplicity and ease of use, as the web extension offers access to everything and alleviates the need for a separate application to be open to get access to the same functions.

In addition to the new web extension for a simpler user experience, Dashlane 5 is also more secure than ever before thanks to the implementation of machine learning technology called DashIQ. With this, the autofill function is fast and sophisticated, and it also self-corrects inaccuracies. As part of this new version for the service mobile users get access to the new and improved autofill as well. As for compatibility, the web extension is available across multiple platforms which makes it even easier to use for even more people, with the extension now being available for Chrome, Chromebooks, Linux, Firefox, and Microsoft’s Edge browsers for the first time since Dashlane has been available.

Other new and improved features include the two-step authentication for better security and assurance that users of Dashlane 5 are the only ones who can access any of the passwords that have been saved in the account. With two-step authentication each new password that is entered will cause Dashlane 5 to generate a six-digit keycode every 30 seconds that is unique to each specific credential, so keycodes are being updated constantly and they’re individual for each separate password that you store. Dashlane also comes with a new design interface for a fresh look, including a more simplistic style, a new logo, and new icons for the apps. Although Dashlane has been available on Android for quite some time, Dashlane 5 works great with the latest software because of Android Oreo’s autofill capabilities, giving users peace of mind about entering difficult passwords. For Dashlane 5 web app users, the read/write function will allow them to add and edit passwords as well as remove them and add credit cards without the need for the browser extension. Dashlane also now supports 11 different languages with version 5, including Dutch, Chinese, and Korean, and the ever-popular password changer feature now supports 500 different websites, which Dashlane says will only keep expanding as the password changer is powered by the Dash IQ machine learning technology.