Cricket Restructures Data Plans, Ditches 8GB & 12GB Options


Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Cricket Wireless is making some new changes to its data plans and as a result, customers will no longer have the option of choosing the 8GB and 12GB options for their plans. As it currently stands, Cricket customers can choose a 2GB high-speed data plan for $30 a month, 5GB plan for $40 a month, or pick one of the two Unlimited options for $55 or $60 per month.

These new changes come in the wake of Cricket rethinking its two lower-cost data plans at the beginning of November when the 1GB data plan was doubled to 2GB, and the 4GB plan became a 5GB option while both retaining their respective $30 and $40 monthly fees. The 8GB and 12GB plans have now been removed, but because they were both residing in a similar price range as the Unlimited data plans, there should now be less confusion and Cricket customers might find it easier to choose the right option for their specific needs. Excluding the Talk & Text plan which doesn't include data access, and aside from the existing 2GB and 5GB plans, Cricket customers can choose to pay $55 a month for the Unlimited 2 data plan, which provides unlimited Internet access at maximum speeds of 3Mbps. Alternatively, the Unlimited High-Speed Data plan costs $60 a month and provides maximum download speeds of up to 8Mbps. It should be noted that after 22GB of data usage, Cricket may temporarily throttle data transfer rates for the Unlimited plan, whereas the 2GB and 5GB data plans will be capped at a maximum speed of 128Kbps once the monthly data allowance is exceeded.

The two Unlimited plans can also be paired with a few add-on features including 8GB of high-speed mobile hotspot data after which transfer rates are slowed down to 128Kbps. According to Cricket, 2GB of data allowance should be enough to stream 90 minutes of video in standard HD resolution, stream 14 hours of music, or surf the web for 54 hours. Meanwhile, the 5GB data plan should provide up to 5 hours of 480p video streaming, 35 hours of music streaming, and 135 hours of web surfing. Refer to the source link below for a closer look at Cricket's restructured offerings.

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