Blowing Into Google Pixel 2's Speaker Might Revive Your Mic

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Blowing into the bottom speaker of the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL may be able to revive a dysfunctional microphone, some users suggested as part of a still-ongoing discussion on the company’s product forums. Microphone-related issues troubling certain Pixel 2 phones have already been extensively documented and acknowledged by the Alphabet-owned tech giant, though no solution has yet been provided by the firm in an official capacity, prompting some users with faulty units to try circumventing the problem on their own. A video demonstration of the technique can be accessed by referring to the banner below, with the clip being shared by one Pixel 2 owner on Google’s product forums.

Reports of faulty microphones mostly pertain to the smaller Pixel 2, though a number of Pixel 2 XL owners also took to Google’s product forums to complain about the same problem in recent weeks. The blowing trick appears to work with both handsets, with its very existence suggesting that the cause of the original problem is hardware-related, especially as blowing into a working speaker will sometimes cause the microphone to stop functioning, numerous users claim. The scope of the problem remains unclear, though only a minority of sold units are presumably affected by it, or online complaints pertaining to the issue would likely be counted in tens of thousands instead of dozens. If you happen to own a unit with a sketchy microphone, you should be eligible to receive a regular return merchandise authorization (RMA) and get a replacement phone from Google.

One Verizon customer who bought the Pixel 2 from the wireless carrier was told that the microphone issue will be resolved with an over-the-air update from Google but if blowing into the mic can be a temporary remedy, the problem is unlikely to be solvable with such a move, unless it’s a result of some unprecedentedly bizarre software bug. Despite not enjoying the smoothest of launches, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are still largely praised by both critics and consumers alike, having been described as some of the best Android devices ever created. Not all of Google’s target markets have yet received every model, with some units like the Black and White Pixel 2 XL only being scheduled to start shipping to Europe around Christmas due to shortages.

Supposed Temporary Mic Fix For The Pixel 2