Deal: Amped Wireless Alexa-Powered Smart Plugs For $49 – 11/24/17

AWPS248W 03 AH Deal

Looking for a way to easily light up the Christmas tree this Holiday season? Want to be able to control outlets with your voice, but don’t want to rewire your entire house to do it? Amped Wireless has a few new products specifically built for these situations in mind, and they both provide surge protection as well as that all important smart home integration. Utilizing the power of Amazon Alexa skills, Amped Wireless two new smart plugs can link to your Amazon account and be completely controlled by your voice from any Alexa-enabled device. This is all done over WiFi of course, with support for 2.4GHz 802.11 B or G standards.

The WiFi Smart Plug (AWP138W) is a single outlet smart plug with an additional USB port for easy device charging. The Smart Plug normally retails for $31 and is an easy way to provide surge protection for a single outlet and USB-powered device, all while adding in Alexa support. Similarly the WiFi Smart Power Strip (AWPS248W) provides 3 regular 3-prong power outlets as well as 2 USB outlets, all while providing the same WiFi connectivity via 2.4GHz 802.11 B/G, as well as Alexa integration. This one normally retails for $55, but is on sale for $49 at the time of this writing.

Both devices provide surge protection and WiFi connection, and if you don’t have an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-powered home speaker, you can either pick one of those up or just use the SuperConn app on your phone to control these power strips remotely. What’s particularly cool about this app is its ability to not only schedule times for each outlet to turn on or off, but also the ability to create what Amped Wireless calls “Scenes.” These scenes are ways of grouping your devices into categories where you would normally turn on or off at the same time, say a group of lights on the Christmas tree, or a set of lights outside for instance. These will of course control any device that can plug into a standard 3-prong outlet in the US, or anything that plugs into one of the USB ports. Check the links below for each product’s Amazon listing.


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