Bestek's Black Friday Sale Is Live, Many Products On Offer


Black Friday is right around the corner, and Bestek has just announced that a bunch of its products will be available at a discount starting today. Bestek's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals start today and will run until December 5, though it's worth noting that Bestek will not offer all products at once, some products will be on sale starting today, while others will be available for purchase at a later time, and there's even a countdown on the company's store. Having said that, the company has discounted a ton of its products, and we'll talk about some of them here, but if you'd like to check out the full lineup of discounts that Bestek has to offer, visit this link, which is also available below this article, and will take you directly to Bestek Mall's Black Friday and Cyber Monday listings.

Bestek actually organized this sale in an interesting way, round one is called 'Buy More Get More' and it starts today and lasts until December 5. You will be able to find a number of gadgets on offer, and also special gifts. Three customers who spend the most in this time period will get an extra reward, says Bestek. In addition to that, Bestek will give away some stuff as well, you can win the Bestek Aromatherapy 300ml Oil Diffuser. Now, the round two of the company's sale will start on November 20 and will end on November 26. During this time period, Bestek will offer a number of 'Flash Deals', some of which we'll talk about here. The Travel Adapter kit will be on sale in the near future for $36.79, while it usually costs $45.99, so if you're travelling often, and need all sorts of adapter, this may be the perfect kit for you, it's also worth noting that it comes with a carrying case, and that's always a nice addition. There are all sorts of power inverters listed on the Bestek Mall, ranging from a 200W power inverter which will be priced at $21.59 (usually costs $26.99), all the way to a 400W power inverter which will cost $28.00 soon (it usually costs $39.99). Bestek will also discount its Travel Luggage Bag soon, which will be priced at $15.99, while it usually costs $19.99, and you'll also be able to grab the Waterproof Camera Backpack for $31.99 (it usually costs $45.99). You can find some of these deals listed down below, while others can be found on Bestek's online store.

There are many, many more deals listed on the link which is provided down below, for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it's also worth noting that Bestek is selling some products which can be discounted via coupons which are also listed in the provided link. So, if you're interested, head over to Bestek Mall and check out what the company has to offer.


Bestek's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

Bestek Electronic Pressure Cooker
Bestek Electronic Pressure Cooker - $55.99
Bestek Travel Adapter UK/AU/US/EU
Bestek Travel Adapter UK/AU/US/EU - $33.51
Bestek 300W Power Inverter
Bestek 300W Power Inverter - $20.99
Bestek Waterproof Camera Bag
Bestek Waterproof Camera Bag - $31.99