Best Buy Lists Google Home Max Release Date As December 11

Google Home Max Hands On AH 5

The Google Home Max is a premium smart home speaker that made its debut back in early October and, up until now, its exact launch date has been a mystery. Google did reveal back then that the device would cost a hefty $399 and it will hit retail availability this December, but it has not offered a specific date. It still hasn’t, but Best Buy seems to have listed the Google Home Max complete with the release date early, just in time for the holidays. According to the retailer, the smart speaker will become available to purchase in less than two weeks, on December 11. Best Buy will offer the device in Charcoal or Chalk color options and will also allow customers to make their purchase in two-year installments of $39.99 per month.

The Google Home Max definitely comes with a steep price compared to other smart speakers on the market, but it does deliver a powerful experience. The smart speaker relies on Google Assistant, but it also boasts AI-powered Smart Sound that enables it to self-adjust based on the environment. The Google Home max has two 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers and is up to 20 times louder than the Google Home, according to Google. It supports connections via Bluetooth, Chromecast, or a 3.5mm jack. The speaker looks unobtrusive and can be placed both vertically and horizontally, depending on preferences, thanks to the dual orientation base that’s included in the box. Since it is part of the Google Home family, the Google Home Max will also seamlessly integrate with all other products in the lineup.

The Google Home Max will compete against the Apple HomePod, the Amazon Echo series of smart speakers, and the Sonos Play:5, aiming to deliver a premium experience. The December 11 release date for the Google Home Max, however, is not definitive as Google itself has yet to confirm it. Best Buy could have just listed a placeholder date until it has more information, to offer some kind of estimate for interested customers. Nevertheless, it would make sense to have the Google Home Max on store shelves by mid-December, as the holiday shopping season is just around the corner.