Best Android Games – November 2017


There are always new games on Android to check out and that's extremely good news if you're someone who loves mobile gaming, even if only every so often or very casually, it's still nice to know that you have options. When it comes to games on Android, there is certainly no shortage of options as you'll find games of just about every type and genre out there, and if you're in the market for a new game but aren't quite sure what you want to play or what's worthy of your time, not to worry, as we've rounded up ten of the best games you could possibly sink your teeth into at the moment.

Into The Dead 2starting off this list is Into The Dead 2, which as you may have guessed is the sequel to the popular original. Following in the footsteps of the first game in the series, Into The Dead 2 kicks things up a notch by adding a few new elements to make things interesting, like giving you a dog companion that can help you take down zombies as you run and try to escape, and of course plenty of new weapons, and very pretty new visuals. If you like endless runners with some flair, this one is free and it's exciting.

The Tower Assassin's Creed


If you've played The Tower before then you're likely already familiar with the type of gameplay that this version will offer, as it's exactly the same with an Assassin's Creed spin. The goal of the game is to continue building your tower and make it as tall as you possibly can, and since this is Assassin's Creed you can do stuff like performing a leap of faith by jumping off the top, and you can play as the different assassins from throughout the series of games.

South Park Phone Destroyer

This is labeled as a card game and technically it is as you'll be gathering different cards throughout the entirety of the game, which is likely to constantly be updating with new content, but it's really so much more than just a simple card game. The game includes real-time PvP battles where you can face off against other players, and if you prefer to play alone there is also a story mode for single player gameplay. Plus, it's got all the South Park humor you could ever want.


PES 2018 Pro Evolution Soccer

If you're a soccer fan, then PES 2018 is what you want to focus your time on as this is the latest game on Android that centers around the sport. It has plenty of improvements over the last version of the game with enhanced controls that are easier to navigate, better graphics, and even better audio. You can play as your favorite teams and players, and even scout players from across the globe to built your ultimate team and dominate the field.

Iron Marines


If tower defense/strategy games are what you're into, Ironhide Studios are some of the best in the business when it comes to delivering a solid game for the genre, and Iron Marines is the latest from the studio. Not too unlike the games in the Kingdom Rush series, you'll go through wave after wave of defending and attacking throughout 14 campaign missions, with upgradeable units and weaponry, and of course, the all-powerful heroes which will allow you to launch devastating attacks compared to your standard units. There are 8 of these heroes to choose from and unlock too, so you'll end up with some choice in how you want to take down the enemy.


PUSH is a puzzle title but interestingly enough your only goal is just as the developers describe, to push all the buttons on screen before you can progress. That's it. It will likely end up challenging at times, but it was also designed to be a relaxing gameplay experience that you can casually play when you have some time. It also has some pretty decent graphics.


Final Fantasy Dimensions II

Much like any Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy Dimensions II promises a large cast of memorable characters and an engrossing storyline to follow that will keep you captivated and engaged for hours on end. Building off of the success of the first title, this game is a completely original story that was designed specifically for mobile devices, with updated visuals, exciting combat, and loads of adventure.



ICEY is a great new action game with some excellent graphics. There's plenty of eye candy with the special effects, and as you progress through the game you can upgrade ICEY's skills and attacks, learn new combos, and special abilities that will deliver more damage to your enemies. If you like sidescrolling action titles, this is a must-have game.

Words With Friends 2

Chances are that you've played the smash hit original game, and this one builds on that with new boosts to help you dominate your friends. Even if you've never played the first game, this is just like Scrabble, just with a few added extras. You can play solo games to train your brain and hone your skills, and once you feel confident, you can match up against others online or play with your actual friends.


Monument Valley II

Last but not least is Monument Valley II, the long-awaited follow-up to the super popular puzzle title Monument Valley. This is an all-new story to follow so you don't have to play the first game to follow the events of this one, but it does keep the same style of gorgeous, vibrant, graphics that you'll come across as you guide the characters through colorful worlds and unlock its secrets.