Best Android Apps — Thanksgiving Day — November 2017

Top 10 Best Thanksgiving Day Apps For Android AH

Yet another Thanksgiving Day is almost here and will officially mark the start of the new holiday season and all of the joys and festivities this period of the year brings. Before you start hunting for all those aggressively discounted gifts, you'd do well to use this Thursday as an opportunity to just sit back and relax with your loved ones. Of course, being a tech-savvy citizen of the 21st century that you are, you wouldn't want to experience Thanksgiving without taking advantage of some curious mobile apps designed just for the occasion. With that in mind, below you'll find the list of the ten best Thanksgiving-related Android apps that are currently available for download from the Google Play Store.



What better way to start a Thanksgiving Day-themed list than with an Android app simply called – Thanksgiving? Behind this simple name hides a surprisingly robust live wallpaper platform that will not only decorate your smartphone or tablet to fit the upcoming occasion but will also allow you to unlock new backgrounds for your mobile device and even provide you with a useful timer counting down the days, hours, minutes, and even seconds until Thanksgiving.

U.S. History

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Do you know when did Americans started celebrating Thanksgiving? How about why? These and many other questions are what the U.S. History Android app will be able to answer, teaching you a wide variety of curiosities about the United States in the process of doing so. It even comes with built-in support for quizzes so that you can test your history knowledge whenever you feel like it, thus striving to be both educational and entertaining.

Thanksgiving 2017 App


Here's an Android app for true Thanksgiving buffs, packing a broad range of features that will entertain you in the run-up to the national holiday, help strengthen your experience of the fourth Thursday in November, and even keep you busy with trivia questions, random facts, and turkey jokes after Thanksgiving is over. If you're on the lookout for a truly versatile Thanksgiving app, this Kulana Media Productions-made mobile tool is like no other.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List


Will you be a host on Thanksgiving or know someone who is and are looking for some thematically appropriate recipes? In that case, definitely check out Yummly Recipes & Shopping List, the app that's widely considered to be the ultimate mobile resource for all kinds of dishes and will help ennoble your dining table for this Thanksgiving Day and many more holidays to come.

Thanksgiving Wallpapers


The self-explanatory name of this Android app already reveals the gist of it, with this particular offering being one of the most comprehensive databases of Thanksgiving themed static wallpapers. The library of backgrounds boasted by the mobile service is extremely versatile, spanning a wide variety of art styles that will appeal to all kinds of users and range from cartoonish and cute to expressionistic and hyperrealistic.

Thanksgiving Live Wallpaper


If you prefer your wallpapers live and photographed instead of static and artsy, ignore the entry above and download this Frisky Lab-made Android app. The vast selection of backgrounds offered by Thanksgiving Live Wallpaper is not only commendable but made even better by the fact that the app is completely free to use and only shows small, unintrusive ads while you're selecting the image you want to use as your smartphone or tablet's backdrop.

Holidays and Vacations


If you're often having trouble with keeping up with nationwide holidays or aren't sure on how many free days you can count on over the coming weeks, Holidays and Vacations will not only help keep you informed but also assist you while making plans for Thanksgiving or any other non-working occasion. Apart from extensive support for all 50 states, this app ships with a large knowledge base of holidays in a wide variety of other countries around the planet, thus being easy to recommend regardless of where in the world you're located.

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

What kind of a holiday would Thanksgiving be without some well-intended and cute greeting cards circulating around the World Wide Web? With support for a broad range of social networks and a robust tool for creating highly customized and personalized greeting cards, this app will help you add that special something to your Thanksgiving wishes and you'll also be able to find additional uses for it next month once Christmas and New Year's Eve come knocking. 

Cozi Family Organizer

Getting your family all together in one place and on time for lunch, dinner, or another occasion is no easy task, holidays or not. Cue Cozi Family Organizer, an Android app designed to help you organize your family life and coordinate your offspring and relatives in a manner that will make Thanksgiving and any other event transpire in a much more relaxed manner. The only feature it's missing is a native way to avoid your mother-in-law, though you can always just "forget" to add her to its integrated planner.

Chicken Invaders 4 Thanksgiving

No, there are no typos in the name of this eccentric app, though its curious title does a good job of matching its wacky story and gameplay revolving around a massive turkey revolt that saw the end of traditional Thanksgiving dinners as our turkeys joined forces with intergalactic poultry and decided to put an end to our oppression of their feathery kind. If you think that's a ridiculous concept for an Android game, wait until you play it because it gets much more absurd after just a few minutes, offering a gameplay that can be enjoyed by everyone from carnivores to vegans.