Best Android Apps – November 2017


Whether you're on the hunt for a new app to replace something you're already using or you're looking for a new app for something you've never done from your mobile device before, there's a good chance that you'll find what you need in the Play Store as there are apps for just about everything you could ever want, from finance apps to cooking apps to apps that will help you control your media or smart home devices. If you're not sure where to start or you just aren't one for spending more than a few minutes browsing for what you want, not to worry, as the list below contains ten apps that are worthy of your time and worth checking out.

BYOD Check App

This is T-Mobile's latest application and just as the name suggests it's main goal is to help you check your device that you plan on moving over to T-Mobile's network to see if it's compatible with the carrier's Extended Range LTE and Voice Over LTE. You simply plug in the IMEI of the device and it'll let you know if the device will work or not with either one or both of those technologies.


Adidas Sport and Style

If you love sports wear and you're a fan of the products from Adidas then this is an app that you may want to install on your device. While a big focus of the app is giving you a place to search for products you want to purchase, it can also personalize things a bit by making recommendations on things you may like. What's more is that it incorporates other things too, like sports news.


For those that want to organize their email inboxes and make sifting through everything a little simpler, aims to provide that for you. It gives you an easy way to not only consolidate certain categories of emails into a "daily digest" that you can gloss over, it also makes it possible to easily unsubscribe from the emails you're not interested in while the others can be left untouched in your inbox until you're ready to check them. If you're in need of an app to help make your email management a little less hectic, try this app out.


There's not really a shortage of apps on Android that will help you find the cheapest flights and hotel reservations but that doesn't mean that more options shouldn't be appreciated. Hitlist is an app that wants to find you the cheapest airline tickets possible and get you into a hotel reservation that won't break the bank. It can help you plan a trip based on interests, and send you auto update alerts about cheap flight deals.


Navbar Animations

If you like things that look nice and you have a passion for giving your devices some style, then Navbar Animations is your app. It offers up a wide array of different animations that will play in your navbar to add some visual appeal to the screen while you're using the phone, and you can adjust things like the speed of the animation and the color of the overlay. Some features and animations will require the pro version of the app, which is obtained though an in-app purchase, but the initial app itself is free with no root requirement, and there are quite a few free animations too.

DVD Netflix


This application come straight from Netflix and is here to make life easier for those who prefer to get their Netflix content in the form of DVDs as opposed to streaming. Much like you can browse Netflix' massive library of streaming content, the DVD Netflix app lets you browse everything that's available in DVD format, add DVD's to your queue, and arrange everything in it in the order you want to receive stuff. A must-have if this is how you consume Netflix content.

Microsoft Edge Preview

This is the Android version of Microsoft's popular Edge browser on its Windows 10 devices, and although it's still in a beta status it's available to install right now, letting you seamlessly move back and forth between your Edge browsing experience on the PC and the phone so you don't miss anything. It can sync your data and provide you with a reading view to make it easier to read content on web pages without being distracted, and there are more features as well as more features to come.


Another Widget

Another day another widget. This app is simple yet functional, giving you just a few tidbits of important information, like the weather, the time, and upcoming events. It's minimalist in detail and in style, and if that's your thing then this might be just the app you're looking for.

Movies Anywhere


If you're like many consumers out there who have been consuming their TV and movies through digital means, then you may be gathering your content from multiple sources, like Google Play, Amazon, and other digital media stores. If that's the case then you're likely aware that it can be cumbersome to have to bounce between all those apps when you want to find something to watch. Movies Anywhere gets rid of the hassle by letting you consolidate all of your purchased movie and TV content in one place. It even has Chromecast support so you can stream content to the big screen.

YouTube TV

Technically YouTube TV is not a new application, but this particular version of it is as this is the version of the app for Android TV devices. This isn't completely new in the sense that it just released this week, but it did only just launch recently. This is the exact same service as the app that's available for Android smartphones and tablets, but with the Android TV interface in mind.