'Bait! Arctic Open' VR Game Now Available In Facebook Spaces

Bait Arctic Fishing Facebook Spaces Trailer Screenshot

Studio Resolution Games launched its latest title in the form of Bait! Arctic Open earlier this week, having debuted the game as a Facebook Spaces exclusive. The product is a follow-up on the original Bait! that hit the Samsung Gear VR last year before being ported to the Google Daydream in early 2017, with the new game placing a larger focus on multiplayer, thus being more thematically and mechanically suitable for Facebook’s massive social VR project. The developer is quick to point out that Bait! Arctic Open is still in a highly experimental stage of development and will be improved over time as more features get tested and implemented into the game. Like any other Facebook Spaces title, Bait! Arctic Open can be played with the Oculus Rift headset connected to a capable PC and is advertised as a title that promotes “meaningful multiplayer interactions” in a highly immersive virtual reality environment.

Much like the original project, Bait! Arctic Open puts you in the role of a fisher but builds on the original formula by introducing your friends to the mix and placing you in an entirely different setting where ice fishing is the name of the game. The title offers a plethora of fish to catch and equipment to go through, in addition to featuring Facebook integration that’s one of the main selling points of Facebook Spaces itself. The developer described its partnership with Facebook as a natural fit, saying that its vision for VR gaming of the future is already heavily focused on the kind of social elements that Facebook Spaces was built on. Much like other experiences offered by the Menlo Park-based company’s platform, Bait! Arctic Open is free to download and enjoy.

Facebook Spaces initially launched in beta last April and has undergone some major changes in the meantime, with the tech giant still being in the process of experimenting with the best ways of delivering a highly social experience in a virtual reality environment. Not all of the platform’s features are focused on pure entertainment and some have been promoted in the context of raising global awareness about issues like natural catastrophes in Puerto Rico, albeit to a mixed public response.