Anki Overdrive Fast & Furious Video Review – It's Go Time

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The Fast and Furious has been a staple of the Summer box office for nearly two decades now, and there’s a good reason for it. Car races and chases are always great to watch, especially when they’re constantly taken to the next level as the crew in the movies often does. Anki’s Overdrive is a slot car racer at heart, but so much more than that when you look beyond the surface, so it makes sense for Anki to team up with the Fast and Furious universe to deliver a brand new edition of their famed battle racing game, Overdrive.

The Overdrive Fast and Furious Edition adds a ton of new content to the mix, including two new cars, a new track type, and a whole new app. Packed inside the box which retails for $169 are two brand-new cars exclusive to the Fast and Furious Edition: Dom’s Ice Charger and Hobbs’ International MXT. Both of these cars work just like other Overdrive cars, but have a little different design and attitude to them than usual. A brand new track type, the Power Zone, is a way to “hack” your opponents while racing, giving a trap track piece that will throw your opponents off for a few seconds while racing. The new Fast and Furious app features an all-new campaign mode with your favorite Fast and Furious characters, giving you ways to race and battle against them to show who’s the real racer.

Anki’s artificial intelligence packed inside each car’s 50MHz processing package is able to drive the tracks all by themselves and can connect with up to 7 cars total through a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. This combined with 16 available lanes on each track means you’re in for some serious racing with friends, and a whole new way to play on family game night. Anyone with a smartphone can compete as well. With apps for Android on the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore, as well as iOS apps on the Apple App Store, there’s no shortage of devices that can compete head-to-head. Drop in a Supertruck and the competitive modes turn into cooperative ones. Check out the set in action in our video below, and head on over to Amazon to pick up your own Overdrive pack!

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