Amazon Updating the Cloud Cam with Audio Controls & More

Amazon Cloud Cam Review 3 AM AH 0061

The Amazon Cloud Cam was announced a few weeks ago, and Amazon had stated when it was announced that the Cloud Cam would be getting smarter thanks to future updates being pushed out to the device. And today, it is getting its first update. Those that have picked up the Cloud Cam will be able to download the update through the Amazon Cloud Cam app which is available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

New in this update are a few things. Including Audio Controls. This allows users to disable audio recording and silence the audio while you are watching the live stream of the camera or a clip recorded by the camera. Amazon has also added Livestream Rotation in this update. Basically, this allows you to flip the orientation of the camera, which can be useful if you have the Cloud Cam mounted on a ceiling where the camera would be upside-down. So this way your camera will show what’s happening in the correct orientation. There’s also Night Vision Control included here, which allows users to toggle the night vision LEDs on or off within the Cloud Cam app. This is something that many won’t really need to change, but it is a nice feature to have available. Finally, Amazon has announced that there is now an app for the iPad. While that isn’t really Android related, there are many people out there with an Android smartphone and an iPad, so it’s good that you can check the Cloud Cam on both devices now. The Cloud Cam is already available on iPhones, Android smartphones & tablets as well as Fire tablets.

This update, according to Amazon, is rolling out today, and you’ll see the update appear in the Cloud Cam app on either iOS or Android. It should take just a few minutes to install the update and you’ll be good to go. This is just the start of what Amazon has planned for the Cloud Cam in the coming weeks and months, and it’ll be exciting to see what else Amazon is able to do with the Cloud Cam, which is already one of the cheaper security cameras out there.

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