Xposed Framework Module Amplify Updated With Nougat Support


Rooted users looking to get a bit more battery life out of their devices will be happy to learn that there has been a significant update to the Xposed Framework module Amplify. For those who don't know, Xposed Framework modules allow users to add functionality to their rooted devices without needing to flash a ROM or Mod. That, unfortunately, means that anybody looking to improve battery life through Amplify will need a rooted device. With that said, Amplify itself is a powerful tool for controlling wakelocks, alarms, and services that run on an Android handset. Wakelocks, are system-level events that effectively wake up a device's CPU or other components in order to perform actions in the background, even when the device's screen is off. Amplify keeps services that aren't necessarily needed, such as those used by the Play Store to determine a user's general or exact location, from running in the background and draining the battery.

As to what the new update brings with it, it has been moved to app version 4.0.0 – or version 4.0.1 in the Google Play Store, as of this writing – it brings SELinux support for wakelocks, services, and alarms. For those who don't know, SELinux is a security-enhanced Linux kernel. Better still, the module now works with Android Nougat, following an update to the Xposed Framework itself which finally added support for that version of Android OS. Essentially, that means users who had been forced to drop their use of Xposed Framework and Amplify, in particular, should be able to utilize the module again even on their Android Nougat devices. The new version of Amplify is also still backward compatible with older versions of Android and is fairly intuitive to use.

It bears mention that the new release is still in its earliest phases, so users may or may not notice some inherent bugs associated with Amplify. Users will also need to have the latest version of both Xposed Framework and Xposed Installer on their device to use Amplify. The updated Amplify module can be downloaded directly from XDA Developers forum through the source link below or through Google Play button. Meanwhile, steps for getting the Xposed components installed can be found through the via, for anybody who hasn't installed those yet.


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