Video: Nokia 8 Passes The Durability Test Without A Problem


JerryRigEverything has managed to get his hands on the Nokia 8, and as per usual, he tested the phone's durability. The durability test has been shared in form of a YouTube video, which is embedded down below, and if you're looking to purchase the Nokia 8, by any chance, you might want to want the video (and / or read the rest of the article) in order to find out how durable the phone is. Having said that, let's see how the Nokia 8 faired in this test, shall we.

The Nokia 8 is, as most of you know, HMD Global's flagship Nokia-branded flagship at the moment, so your expectations are probably rather high. The first test JerryRigEverything performed, is the scratch test. The phone's display comes with Corning's Gorilla Glass 5 protection on top, so it did not scratch that easily, so it's on par with the rest of the flagship pack. The phone's home key is also well-protected, as the razor blade did nothing to it, not a scratch, and the cameras on the device are also well-protected. The phone's earpiece has a thin nylon cover on top of it, and even though you can puncture it, you won't be able to pull it out, so just be careful with it. This phone is made mostly out of metal, and its back did not suffer from a pair of keys, but a razor blade managed to damage it quite a bit, as expected. The Nokia 8 has two pieces of plastic on it, at the top and bottom, where its antennas reside, but other than that, this phone is all metal and glass.

The phone's IPS display fully recovered after being exposed to fire for 10 seconds. The company's logo is embedded in the phone's back, and it's embedded really well, so that should not be a problem. The phone is made out of 6000 series aluminum, and it's quite robust, it passed the bend test with flying colors, which is something most people expected will happen, as the Nokia 6 did really well in that regard as well. There you have it, the Nokia 8 is quite a robust smartphone, and you can always check out the provided video if you'd like to see the whole durability test for yourself.


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