Verizon's New Prepaid Family Plans Offer Up To $80 In Savings

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Verizon has announced a new and improved Prepaid Family Account plan, allowing users to save up to $80 per month and have better control over the amount of data allocated to each line. The carrier is offering 3GB, 7GB, 10GB, and unlimited data options, and lines from two through five get various discounts based on the selected plan. Interested customers must first add one smartphone on a prepaid monthly plan, then get the additional lines added to the first line at a discount. As expected, the biggest discounts are for the plans with the largest data allotments.

The 3GB plan is priced at $40 for the first line and will net a $10 discount for the next four lines, bringing the price down to $30. The 7GB plan costs $50 for the first line and brings a $15 discount for the remaining four lines. The 10GB plan costs $60 and the unlimited data plan costs $80, and both of them come with a $20 discount for additional lines. Taxes and fees are not included in the aforementioned prices. Customers can also combine various prepaid plans to suit the needs of different family members without worrying about overage fees or other costs associated with exceeding their data allotment.

Prepaid plans have been gaining ground in recent years and the trend seems to be going strong, as some users prefer to pay upfront for the service each month rather than opt for a postpaid plan that might incur additional costs. The new Verizon prepaid family plans now allow for more control and flexibility, and one of their highlights is that the data is not shared between the different family members on the same account. Each line has its own data allotment, and customers can decide how much data to add to each line based on personal needs and preferences. This should make things clearer and easier for all members of a family account. The tweaked Verizon prepaid family plans follow a range of other improvements the carrier implemented this year to make its prepaid plans more appealing. Such improvements include a new unlimited plan, new plans with more data, and new features for international calls, among others.

Verizon's New Prepaid Family Plans