Verizon Discounts Cracked Smartphone Screen Repair By 40%

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Verizon customers can now replace cracked device screens for just $29 instead of $49, provided they sign up for the carrier’s Total Mobile Protection plan. Customers can take advantage of this offer and repair their damaged screens at 296 Verizon locations nationwide, or, if they so prefer, take advantage of Verizon’s extensive repair network and have technicians meet them at a chosen location such as one’s office in more than 150 cities in the United States. The Total Mobile Protection plan costs $9 per month for tablets and $11 per month for smartphones, and it includes a number of other attractive perks in addition to the discounted cracked screen repair.

While Verizon typically allows enrollment in the Total Mobile Protection program within 30 days of upgrading to a new device or activating a new account, the carrier now has a special offer with open enrollment between today and Friday, November 17th. Any existing customers can enroll if they have a device in a working condition purchased less than two years ago. The Total Protection Plan is designed to protect a smartphone or tablet from damage, theft, or loss, and it also offers other perks such as advanced technical support, next-day replacement, and more. With Tech Coach, the program allows customers to benefit from advanced technical support and advice to help manage their device. With next-day replacement, customers who need a replacement phone can get it within approximately 24 hours, as long as they file a claim with Verizon by midnight EST.

In addition, the Total Mobile Protection plan allows customers to file up to three claims per year per enrolled device. With high-end smartphones requiring hefty investments, having a Total Mobile Protection plan for $121 per year might prove like a worthwhile expense, especially if the device is no longer covered by the original warranty. The cracked screen repair can be resolved the very same day in eligible markets, but Verizon does note in its fine print that it’s available only for certain smartphone models. However, most smartphones purchased from the largest mobile service provider in the United States should be covered by the plan whose open enrollment period is ending in exactly one month.