Upcoming L.A. Exhibit Stars The Latest Sennheiser Headphones


A new audio immersion-focused interactive art display is going up in Los Angeles from October 14th through the 20th thanks to a partnership between Sennheiser and BrandsWalk. For those who aren't already aware, Sennheiser is a well-known high-end audio accessories company and BrandsWalk is a local fashion curator. The exhibit will be located in the Bloc district, adjacent to the BrandsWalk store, in downtown L.A. As to the purpose of the display, it is meant to show off the capabilities of Sennheiser's Ambeo Smart Headset which launched in August and will become available in the country on October 19th. Of course, visitors will also be able to get up close and personal with the device, as well as other fashionable technology on display at the BrandsWalk store.

The interactive exhibit itself is called Sounds of L.A. and will feature a three-dimensional audio experience provided by Sennheiser's Ambeo, with the auditory experience centered around, as the name implies, sounds of L.A. The sounds themselves will be provided by what the display's curators call storytellers. On the visual side of things, visitors will be able to see who the storytellers are through a static three-dimensional image to be displayed inside of a six-foot cube. One example of the kinds of content to be experienced, as provided with the announcement of the exhibit, was created by local skater and filmmaker Chris Ray. That particular experience features the sounds heard by Ray as he skated through the city while wearing Sennheiser's new headset.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect to all of this is the fact that visitors will also be able to snag one of a limited number of Sennheiser's sets to head out and provide the exhibit with sounds of their own using their personal smartphone.That's because the audio created for the display was recorded using the headset itself. The Ambeo Smart Headsets are high-end listening and recording devices, featuring sensitive microphone technology capable of recreating the complex and subtle differences in sound to replicate the way sound waves reach a person's ears. Beyond providing high-fidelity playback, Sennheiser's Ambeo is designed to help content creators capture what's going on around them with a much higher accuracy, while their 3D audio can then be played back through any stereo headphones.

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