UMIDIGI Z2 Image & Video Leaks, Shows Phone Similar To iPhone X

UMIDIGI Z2 Leak 01

It seems the next company planning on releasing a bezel-less phone is UMIDIGI. As the image above and the video below have both now surfaced online and are said to be of the UMIDIGI Z2, a follow-up device to the UMIDIGI Z1 and UMIDIGI Z1 Pro which both launched earlier in 2017. While the details on this smartphone are still pretty limited, it is clear based on the image and video that this is going to be a bezel-less device. In fact, if the video and image accurately depict the phone as it will arrive, then it seems UMIDIGI really is going all out with removing the bezels this time, with a device that looks as bezel-less as the Essential PH-1 and seemingly very similar in design to Apple’s iPhone X.

Based on the imagery, the only noticeably bezels which will be in play are at the top and the bottom. Centrally positioned along the top of the front panel is where the front-facing camera action will be, while the the bottom is likely to be where the company positions its branding, in spite of the very limited space there. Interestingly, the image also does seem to not only confirm that a fingerprint sensor will be included in the package, but also suggests it could be a screen-embedded sensor. Which is something that is expected to gain traction with a number of smartphone manufacturers going forward.

Other than these points, neither this latest image nor video does provide any other information on what is otherwise, a rather unknown device. Likewise, there is currently no information as to when the UMIDIGI Z2 is likely to arrive, or for that matter, how much it will cost when it does arrive. Although based on the image and the video, it does seem likely that this is a device that may still be in a very early stage of its development. So it still could be some time before the UMIDIGI Z2 does get a release, or confirmation on its availability and pricing is made clear. In either case, it is more than likely that more details on this smartphone will come through in the interim.