Uber Introduces Its Visa Credit Card With Perks & Insurance

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Uber has debuted its Visa credit card intended for riders to be able to book their next trip or earn rewards every time they purchase food from their favorite restaurants or shop online, among other things. The ride-hailing service announced yesterday that the Uber Visa Card, which charges no annual fee to riders, will become available for applicants starting on November 2nd across the United States. With the credit card, users can redeem cash back offers, gift cards, and other perks and benefits including a $50 subscription credit that can be used to subscribe to premium services like Netflix, Spotify or Amazon Prime, provided they spend $5,000 or more on their Uber Visa Card.

The credit card offers a four percent discount on every food purchase users make at eligible restaurants as well as $100 in rewards after they make a $500 purchase during the first 90 days of their Uber Visa Card membership. Users can also get three percent of their hotel and airfare spending back, two percent of online purchases including video and music streaming, and one percent of all other spending back. It is worth pointing out, however, that the credit card is not compatible with all online purchases. Other perks include a mobile phone coverage of up to $600 for a damaged or stolen device, provided users use their Uber Visa Card to pay their handset bill. Card holders can also receive exclusive invitations to special events in select cities across the country. Users can redeem their points directly using the Uber app for Uber credits as well as cash back promos or gift cards, with all redemptions being valued at one percent. Uber gift cards have started hitting several stores in the United States in September 2016 and the company also began allowing its riders to get free rides by just dining out or shopping in a month prior to hailing an Uber.

Uber says it has formed a partnership with Barclays, which issues the Uber Visa Card, to make the credit card service available to its riders. To start redeeming points using the credit card, simply add the Uber Visa Card to the Uber app, click on the Barclays card icon, select points balance, and choose the number of points you wish to redeem.