Thinkfree Brings Dex-Ready Office Suite To Galaxy Devices


According to a recent announcement from Hancom Inc.'s Thinkfree software division, a new application is now available which has been specifically optimized to take advantage of Samsung's DeX dock. Called Hancom Office for S8/S8+/Note8, the app can only be downloaded on the devices its name implies and only directly from Samsung's Galaxy Apps application. However, since the entire point of the application appears to center around providing Samsung DeX owners with another way to use office software on the go, and in conjunction with that accessory, that isn't altogether surprising. As to the developer's behind the application, Thinkfree is best known for its ThinkFree Office software – which encompasses an array of office apps similar to and compatible with Microsoft's Office offerings. The new Hancom-branded office application in question will, of course, be built on the same proprietary platform.

With regard to the application itself, Hancom Office for S8/S8+/Note8 is completely free to use and includes word processing, spreadsheet, and slideshow functionalities. It can also be used without the DeX dock on supported Samsung Galaxy devices – freeing users to work on presentations, calculations, and presentations wherever they happen to be. Additionally, that means users won't necessarily need to transfer files in order to go back to working on a larger display. That's helpful since the software really shines when the user's device is attached to DeX. With the dock attached, users can use a full-sized keyboard and mouse to create and edit office suite documents and files stored either on their device or in the cloud. That should, Hancom claims, serve to emulate the experience of using a laptop or PC closely enough that users no longer need to lug their computers around with them, ultimately allowing users to consolidate the number of electronics in their workspace. Best of all, all of the equipment needed to use the software to its full potential could feasibly fit into a user's pocket, handbag, backpack, or briefcase.

The software is already available for download now via the source link or button below, but Thinkfree's announcement didn't end there. The developers behind ThinkFree Office are also in the process of creating a version of the software for Android users with other devices that won't work with DeX. That means, unfortunately, that it won't have the functionality offered by the DeX-optimized app, but it should be a great piece of office software regardless. That will be made available at some point later this year, according to Thinkfree.


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