T-Mobile Now Requires Down Payment For Devices $900 & Up

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T-Mobile has altered the upfront cost of mobile devices that are worth more than $900 under the Un-carrier’s JUMP! On-Demand program beginning on October 23. That means some JUMP! On-Demand customers will now have to pay an additional amount upfront if they wish to purchase a handset with a high price point. Accordingly, the move is in keeping with the rising costs of high-end mobile devices, though the mobile telecommunication company says it is offering various options for customers who otherwise want to opt for a $0 down payment.

The policy change means that super expensive phones like the Galaxy Note 8, which costs upward of $900 depending on individual carriers, will be extra costly. However, it appears that the new upfront costs for $900+ devices do not apply to all JUMP! On-Demand subscribers. That is because only customers who do not fulfill the credit requirements for $900+ devices are required to pay a down payment, according to a document that provides some details about the policy overhaul. On the other hand, customers who wish to upgrade their devices on the JUMP! On-Demand plan and who belong to credit categories A, B, W, or 4 with at least three years of contract duration with T-Mobile are eligible for the $0 down payment for phones costing more than $900. Earlier in August, T-Mobile has updated its JUMP! On-Demand plan to let customers upgrade their devices every month, a major change from the previous policy that only allowed subscribers to upgrade their handsets not more than three times a year. Furthermore, customers who are in the credit class J with any contract tenure can also avail of devices with that price point with no upfront cost.

T-Mobile announced JUMP! On-Demand in June 2015 to let users upgrade to a new device anytime without paying $10 per month as in the case with the JUMP plan. T-Mobile’s change of upfront costs for $900+ handsets might have been triggered by the rapidly increasing price points of flagship phones, and it remains to be seen how this move by the Uncarrier will affect the sale of its high price point devices.