T-Mobile Lets Customers Text To Donate After Vegas Shooting


T-Mobile has announced the availability of short code SMS numbers that customers can use to donate to causes related to the recent mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas. Customers can give $10 to the National Compassion Fund, which will be passed on directly to the victims' families and direct survivors of the incident, by texting VEGAS to 20222. Customers wanting to donate $10 to the University Medical Center Foundation, which is treating wounded victims, can instead text VEGAS to 50555. Donations will aid in continuing critical treatment for the victims.

There are no other amounts available to donate, but the donations will be paid upfront by T-Mobile and then show up on your next phone bill, rather than you being charged immediately, meaning that even those who don't happen to have money to donate at the moment can help out, so long as they can afford the extra $10 on their statement. The donations are on a one-time basis and are not recurring, but those who want to donate more than $10 can do so simply by texting multiple times. T-Mobile is normally quick to respond to humanitarian crises, whether it's giving customers a free and easy way to contact loved ones who may be affected by natural disasters, or donating to causes like this that are dedicated to relief.

The tragedy that took place in Las Vegas left over 50 people dead and hundreds wounded as of the latest count, stretching the resources of the University Medical Center quite thin due to its unique capacity to respond to the disaster, and stretching the personal resources of victims and their families, who will now have to contend with lost wages, medical expenses, and other miscellaneous costs in the wake of the disaster. Families that lost a loved one in the shooting may even have an entire household member's wages to replace in order to survive or maintain their lifestyle, making the National Compassion Fund that much more important. At the very least, the fund can help these families keep the bills paid and a roof over their heads while they work to adjust their lifestyle to fit their new financial identity. While $10 may not seem like a lot to donate to a fund that's helping out hundreds of victims and families or a hospital that's treating many critically wounded victims of the shooting, T-Mobile's announcement gives customers an easy way to donate, which can help donations to stack up and approach meeting the needs of victims and their families, as well as the medical staff tending to them.

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