Sony Releases Its Xperia Assist App To The Google Play Store

Sony has now released its Xperia Assist application to the Google Play Store for users of compatible Sony Xperia-branded devices. This is the same application that comes already installed on select Xperia devices and, as such, isn't going to be usable on non-Xperia devices or devices that it doesn't come pre-installed on. That means the news probably isn't too exciting for most users. However, this will also make things much easier on Sony and users alike, in terms of getting updates pushed out for the application in a more timely fashion - as opposed to over-the-air updates included with larger firmware.

As to what the software does, for those who don't know, it is designed to learn how users utilize their devices and optimize things under the hood to match that user's individual needs. It also parcels out tips on how to make more efficient use of Xperia devices, as well as what features are available that might be beneficial to users on an individual basis. For example, the app can prompt a user with reminders to shut off an alarm or return a missed call, while being mostly non-intrusive about it, based on personal preferences. That's done through analytics software that records daily use patterns. Sony also uses that data to improve upon Xperia Assist in future updates, though it should be said that the company claims to anonymize data collected for that purpose, as a security precaution.

Beyond those functions, the app will also guide users through some of the rudiments of customizing or using a compatible Xperia-branded device. For example, it can walk a user through something as simple as setting a wallpaper or where to find other personalization settings. But it can also provide help for something considerably more complicated, at least from the perspective of a less experienced user, like setting up a wireless hotspot or enabling the available battery savings modes. As mentioned above, none of this is likely to be too exciting for most users but it should be beneficial nonetheless. This is also the first time the application has been pushed to the Google Play Store, so there aren't any new features or updates to speak of.  With that said, anybody with a compatible Xperia-branded device can head over through the Play Store button below, to check it out for themselves.

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