Sony Announces Xperia Hello, Its 'Communication Robot'

Sony Xperia Hello 2

Sony is set to introduce a new communication robot called the Xperia Hello on November 16, more than a year after the company announced the smart technology’s concept during the Mobile World Congress 2016. The smart home assistant is an Amazon Echo-like device, the only difference being that the Xperia Hello does have a face and a display. This robot is powered by the Sony Agent Technology and is designed to help you and other family members perform a wide variety of household chores, you only have to speak to it. The Xperia Hello will be available only in Japan for ¥150,000 ($1,313).

The Xperia Hello is equipped with four motion sensors and seven microphones, and it evaluates everything that goes on around it, including any human movement within three meters. Thanks to the camera sensor installed on its upper body and its ability to rotate up to 340 degrees, the communication robot is able to recognize a family member and relay any important message or information via its 4.6-inch liquid crystal display. The Xperia Hello is also supposed to be more human than any other smart home assistant, as it can express emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement and loneliness, among others, through the lights found on its torso that also function as its eyes. The smart device is also capable of other functions, such as notifying you of some important events. It can also let you initiate a chat or video call with friends via Skype as well as send and receive messages using LINE, with the robot conveying the appropriate message to the intended recipient once it detects the person’s presence. If you have a LINE account, you will be able to use the Xperia Hello to monitor your kids and your entire surroundings.

Sony’s smart home assistant is just part of a vast array of the Japanese original equipment manufacturer’s AI-based devices. Earlier this month, it was reported that Sony has begun to organize its former Aibo team again in a bid to revive its robotics unit with a new AI-powered robotic dog, and the company is expected to announce more AI-related endeavors in the near future.