Samsung Targets 3D Content Creators With '360 Round' Camera

Samsung 360 Round Camera

Samsung is targeting 3D content creators with its new 360 Round camera packed with 17 total camera sensors, 16 of which are grouped up in pairs of two around the base of the unit while one sits on the top along with the record button. The new 3D camera was announced by Samsung today at the Samsung Developer Conference 2017, and was designed to handle creation of 3D content to be viewed in virtual reality on devices like Samsung’s Gear VR headset with accompanying Galaxy devices.

In addition to the 3D imagery that it’s capable of capturing the 360 Round is also equipped to handle 3D video recording in 4K for live streaming, making this a truly versatile camera. It also features six microphones for spatial audio to help with the immersiveness of the content once it’s being viewed. The 360 Round is equipped with 10GB of RAM and 40GB of internal storage space, so it will have some room on the device to store your captured content, though given the quality of the content it can put out and the amount of storage that the content will take up, it’s likely users will need to take advantage of the external storage support too, which can be up to an additional 256GB via SD cards or up to an additional 2TB through an external SSD. The 360 Round also supports LAN connection to the internet and it uses USB Type-C.

Samsung refers to the 360 Round as a compact solution compared to other similar camera rigs, with listed dimensions of 205 x 205 x 76.8mm, and weighing in at 1.93kg. Despite whether users will see that as truly compact, it should be fairly portable, and it features an IP65 rating for dust and water resistance meaning you should be able to use the 360 Round outside without having to worry that a little bit of rain will keep you from capturing some amazing content for your next creation. The Samsung 360 Round will come with PC software for post processing of the content once captured by the camera, and it’s due to launch this month in the U.S. first, with Samsung stating that it will be looking to launch the 360 Round in other markets in the future, albeit without mentioning a price for the unit at this time.