Samsung To Launch Chromebook Pro With Better Specs

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Samsung is said to be preparing to launch a Chromebook Pro with better specs than the currently available model that you can pick up. According to a recent report, Samsung has a Chromebook Pro in the works that will come with a fairly sizeable amount of RAM, more specifically, 16GB of RAM, which is not common on the majority of Chromebooks out there on the market save for in devices like the upcoming Pixelbook that Google announced at the beginning of October. The new Samsung Chromebook Pro model is also said to come with a new Intel Core m7 processor as well.

This would be a marked improvement over the original Chromebook Pro, and if this was the only new high-end Chromebook coming from someone other than Google it would still be a good thing for consumers as it would still be adding more choice. This apparently isn’t the only new Chromebook model coming with some more powerful specs though. The same report mentions that ASUS is going to be launching a more powerful version of its Chromebook Flip C302, also coming with 16GB of RAM and an Intel Core m7 processor inside, meaning there will be a few high-end Chromebooks to choose from for those that want to spend a little more on the ticket price of a new laptop running on Chrome OS.

As of this moment it appears that only the processor type and the amount of RAM are specs that are rumored. There wasn’t any mention of a screen size, a storage amount, weight, dimensions, or any other features, though you can be certain Google Assistant will likely be included, and the Chromebook Pro should come with the Pen just like the current model. There is also no rumor on price, but with 16GB of RAM and a really powerful CPU, they’re more than likely going to cost quite a bit more than your standard Chromebooks, and maybe even a couple hundred or a few hundred more than the already available Chromebook Pro from Samsung which launched at $550. These two Chromebooks haven’t been confirmed by either company yet, and there’s no word on a launch time frame.