Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Reaches 1% Market Share In 3 Countries

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 AH NS 46

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Note 8, the latest in the company’s Galaxy Note lineup, has risen to claim 1 percnet or more of total market share within its first month of availability in the US, South Korea, and Australia, according to a report from advertising and analytics firm AppBrain. South Korea is showing the phone the most love with 1.7 percent of the country’s total market share, while the Galaxy Note 8 is only in the hands of .1 percent of smartphone owners in Italy. Aside from the top three countries, the Galaxy Note 8’s market share is below 1 percent in all of the places it’s available, and of those countries, it’s only above .5 percent in Switzerland, where it sits at .6 percent market share.

In the three countries where the Galaxy Note 8 is most popular, it’s nowhere near the top of the charts, mostly due to the fact that it simply hasn’t been on sale all that long. It ranks 17th in South Korea, tying with both the 2016 Galaxy A7 and the 2017 Galaxy A5. The top 25 is all Samsung and LG devices. The Galaxy Note 5 tops the charts at 7.8 percent, and is one of the 20 Samsung devices in the top 25, helping to drown out LG and other less popular competitors. That likely means that the Galaxy Note 8 will go on to claim the #1 spot at some point, though that’s certainly not a definite. In the United States, meanwhile, the Galaxy Note 8 enjoys 1 percent market share for 21st place and is lorded over by the Galaxy S7, which has 6 percent of the market. A whopping 11.1 percent of the Australian market is cornered by the old, but tough and full-featured Galaxy S5. Here, the Galaxy Note 8’s 1 percent share nets it the 15th spot on the country’s top 25 list.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 hasn’t been out long, but it’s already proving quite popular and garnering rave reviews. The device sports one of the best displays you can get on a smartphone, stretched out into an 18:9 aspect ratio and giving users a full 6.3 inches of space to work with. Under the hood, the hardware iterates on the Galaxy S8; a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 processor powers the experience, backed by 6GB of RAM. Internal storage is on the order of 64GB for most versions. The phone rocks a dual camera setup in the back, as well. Between all of these features and the S Pen that has charmed series fans since the first version back in 2011, the phone works hard to justify its high price tag, sitting around $900 USD depending on where you’re buying it from.