Report: Sidewalk Labs Close To Toronto Development Approval


A new city project may soon be underway under the guidance of Alphabet-subsidiary Sidewalk Labs LLC in Toronto. That's thanks to a deal which may see the company developing a portion of the city bordering Lake Ontario, pending a decision from the board members of the city's Waterfront Toronto. The agency is responsible for any and all waterfront development in the city and is expected to ultimately approve the deal over the course of the coming weeks, according to a recent report from the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, the underlying premise to the deal has been public knowledge since early 2017 and bears an estimated price tag of around$1 billion (USD), with that estimate said to be based on the costs involved with similar development projects.

As may be expected from a company related to Google's parent company, this new project is expected to be highly focused on engaging technologies both in terms of planning and in what the results will ultimately be. As revealed when the company first filed for its application and at its initial forming, the plan is to build a city – or in this case part of a city – from "the Internet up." The sentiment hints at infrastructure and services intended to bring residents and visitors the very latest in connected technological advancements. Taking things just a bit further, Sidewalk Labs also plans to address common city-centered problems that tend to lead to pollution, rising costs of living, inefficient energy usage, and poor transportation options. The exact specifics regarding how that can be accomplished using current technologies is still very much up for speculation, due to the company keeping quiet about its solutions.

Bearing that in mind, since a large portion of Alphabet's efforts through other subsidiaries have focused heavily on developing improvements to artificial intelligence, automation, and the Internet of Things, in general, there's a good chance some of those things will come into play in Toronto. Moreover, it is probably a safe bet that experience gained and lessons learned from another subsidiary, namely Google Fiber, will be a big part of getting any connectivity infrastructure established throughout the project. It also stands to reason that some of the concepts or ideals first introduced with plans for Google-focused locales could also be incorporated.

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