Report: Majority of Users Spend 5 Hours Per Day Using a Smartphone

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At this point, many of us are spending a ton of time using our smartphone. For some, it has replaced traditional computers. However, how many of us truly spend a ton of time on our smartphone? Well according to the latest report out of Counterpoint Research, about half of the world’s smartphone users spend at least 5 hours per day on their smartphone. The report also found that users now spend more time on their smartphone than any other device, for about half of the respondents to their research.

Another interesting tidbit from this report is that one in four users spend more than 7 hours per day on their smartphone. Obviously these are the true power users, and likely those that no longer use a laptop unless it’s absolutely necessary. Counterpoint also found that those in Malaysia spend the most time on their smartphone, with more than 55% of respondents reporting that they spend more than 5 hours on their smartphone. Counterpoint also added that this was a common trend in emerging markets. Meanwhile, Japanese users spent the least time. With around 43% spending less than three hours per day on their smartphone.

For those that don’t spend a lot of time on their smartphone, they are probably wondering, how you can spend that much time everyday on a smartphone. Well, according to the research from Counterpoint, browsing the internet and gaming are the most popular things. About 64% used their smartphone for browsing the internet, while 62% use it for gaming. However, the research did find that voice calls are still the preferred method of communication across a variety of markets, including Germany and Japan. While messaging is still big in emerging markets, particularly in Asia and Africa – these are markets where WhatsApp and WeChat are very popular. Rounding out the list of activities being done on a smartphone included watching videos and spending time on social media networks.


With the smartphone market basically being plateaued at this point, many wonder how often others upgrade their smartphone. Well according to this research, globally, the average is about every 21 months. This could be due to service contracts, which are mostly going away at this point anyways, in favor of financing smartphones. However, it found that Mexico actually upgrades the most often, around every 18 months. Japan takes the longest to upgrade, at 26 months. You can check out the full report from Counterpoint Research at the link below.