Plex Live TV Now Available On Roku Devices In Beta

October 12, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

Plex is bringing its popular Live TV service to Roku devices, the company announced today, adding that the platform is first set to debut as part of an open beta before hitting the stable channel in the near future. Plex Live TV will be available on Roku players as a complete offering with almost all of its previously introduced features; standard multimedia controls allowing you to (un)pause and skip around shows are part of the package, as is the ability to watch Plex DVR recordings made on other platforms. Recording content with Plex Live TV on Roku players still isn’t a possibility but the wording of the company’s announcement suggests it will become one shortly, though no specific availability time frames have yet been provided by Plex.

The beta version of Plex Live TV is officially out as of this writing but is apparently rolling out in a staged manner and will take approximately a week before it’s available to all Plex Pass subscribers, according to the firm. Being introduced as an experimental streaming service, the platform can presently only be accessed on the Roku Preview channel which anyone is free to install. There are no other requirements for using Plex Live TV, meaning that you can start enjoying the beta platform for as little as $5 (€5) or even less per month if you opt for a longer Plex Pass subscription. There’s currently no word on how long this open beta is set to last, though Plex Live TV for Roku devices will presumably be available as a stable app come early 2018.

Plex Live TV officially debuted in mid-2017, with the company presenting the service as its own cord-cutting solution for people looking to embrace internet television. Since its beta launch, the platform found its way to Android smartphones, Amazon Fire TV, and browsers, with the addition of Roku support being just the latest step in its efforts to expand in a maximally aggressive manner. One of the main selling points of online TV is its versatility and straightforwardness and Plex’s insistence on deploying its cord-cutting alternative to as many ecosystems as possible is seemingly seeking to reinforce that notion.

Plex Live TV For Roku