Oculus Announces New Standalone ‘Go’ VR Headset, Costs $199

Oculus Go 01 1

During the company’s fourth developer conference today, Oculus announced the latest device to join its VR headset lineup, the Oculus Go. Compared to the company’s other option, the two big selling points on offer with Oculus Go is its portability and its price. This is due to Oculus Go adopting the role of the company’s first and proper standalone VR headset. Meaning it does not require a need to be tethered to a computer (much like the more high-end option, the Oculus Rift), or for that matter, a smartphone even. As this is designed to be more of an all-in-one VR solution offering direct access to VR content through the Oculus ecosystem and without the need for any additional hardware.

One of the benefits of an all-in-one unit like this is that the company has been able to drive down the price compared to the Oculus Rift with Oculus confirming Oculus Go will hit the market priced at only $199. Although the downside is that these all-in-one units do lose out on some of the more premium features found on higher-end units, such as eye-tracking. Which does further highlight how this is a headset that is designed to sit somewhere in between the two now-common headset markets – the higher end solutions like the Rift and cheaper options which piggyback of a smartphone. In spite of lacking in the most premium of features this is a unit which is designed to offer a full VR experience with Oculus confirming the Oculus Go is made using breathable fabrics, and features adjustable straps, along with the company’s “best lenses yet,” as well as access to some more advanced aspects – like integrated spatial audio. It is also worth pointing out Oculus Go does come with its own controller.

At present Oculus has not provided any firm dates on when Oculus Go will become available to buy, with the company simply stating that Oculus Go is due to begin shipping out “in early 2018.” However, a new Oculus Go website is now live and does offer interested parties the option to sign up to be notified when Oculus Go becomes available. More details on Oculus Go, as well as the option to sign up to stay informed, through the link.

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