NordVPN Launches Extension For Google Chrome Browser

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NordVPN has released an extension for the Google Chrome browser and it can now be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. NordVPN offers improved security and privacy against possible instances of data theft or espionage by encrypting internet traffic using military-grade encryption and hiding their IP addresses through the use of numerous remote proxy servers. The browsers of people who use the service will be assigned with the IP address of the servers of the VPN, masking the user’s real one. The server’s IP address is shared with more than a hundred people at the same time, which makes it even harder to trace the online activity of a specific user. Meanwhile, the DNS Leak and Kill Switch technologies protect the user’s data in occasions that the person suddenly disconnects from the network. In addition, WebRTC leak, which often shows the real IP address of the person even if they are using a VPN, is prevented by disabling the default protocol used by the search giant’s browser. People may use the VPN to secure private data especially when connected to a public Wi-Fi network, unblock geospecific content, or bypass surveillance and espionage.

The users of the NordVPN are also protected from a variety of cyber threats through its CyberSec feature. This feature automatically blocks suspicious websites by scanning it against a blacklist of sites that perform phishing activities and distribute malware. NordVPN also prevents the device from participating in a remotely controlled botnet and perform distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Once the NordVPN extension is downloaded and installed, users may select the server that will handle their internet traffic although they could also choose the Auto Connect option, so that the service’s algorithm will choose which server will utilize. Consumers may choose among three plans, with the 1-month plan costing $11.95, the annual plan which is priced at $69 per year or $5.75 monthly, and the 6-month plan, which costs $7 per month. For the price, users may access to 1000 servers across the globe, connect as many as 6 different devices to the VPN, and contact the customer support that is available 24/7. Aside from the Google Chrome extension, a full version of the VPN is available for devices running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS operating systems.


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