Nobel Prize Nominee Outs An AI Influencer Marketing Platform

October 12, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak

Startup Unity Influence founded by Google‘s former Business Innovation Lead and Nobel Prize nominee Patrick Ip announced its first offering on Thursday, presenting an influencer marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence technologies. The main purpose of the service is to make influencer-based social media marketing more accessible to all companies, with the platform facilitating the process of identifying and hiring online personalities that are suitable for particular products and services. The solution has been in a beta testing phase for several months and is now becoming more widely available, with the San Francisco, California-based company hoping to attract many small and medium-sized businesses to its offering.

Mr. Ip co-founded Unity Influence alongside former Yoi Corp’s AI veteran Jacobo Lumbreras (pictured above), with their startup already raising $1 million from various investors and positioning itself as a relatively unique offering in the digital advertising segment. Most industry trackers agree that influencer marketing is one of the most profitable promotional efforts presently in existence, with many large brands successfully employing related techniques in recent times. However, smaller businesses were largely unable to tap into the potential of such marketing endeavors so far, with their budgets usually not allowing for many high-profile endorsements from online personalities. That’s where Unity Influence comes into play, with the platform offering influencer marketing starting at $200 per campaign and being specifically designed to pair any product or service with an individual that not only boasts a sizeable online presence but is also passionate about the thing they’re supposed to be pitching to their followers.

The $200 starting figure is significantly lower than the $10,000 one that’s currently estimated to be the starting point for traditional influencer marketing campaigns, hence being unattainable for smaller brands. The process of matching an influencer with a campaign is largely handled by Unity Influence’s AI technologies and doesn’t require a high degree of involvement from the client, the company said. Its ecosystem currently has access to more than 70,000 influencers and is expected to grow even further going forward, with the startup seeking to serve a wide variety of industries across the world. Refer to the banner below to find out more details about Unity Influence and its newly launched social advertising platform.

Unity Influence