New Essential PH-1 Update Fixes Touch Issue, Adds Gesture

Essential Phone AH NS 30

Essential is now distributing an update that will install a number of bug fixes, a new fingerprint sensor gesture, and the October 2017 Android security patch to the Essential PH-1. The manufacturer is fixing the touch scrolling issue with this update. Essential stated earlier this month in a Reddit AMA that they have received a patch from Qualcomm that should remove the stutters experienced by the users as they scroll slowly through apps. However, there are several users that claim that the stuttering is still observable when they use the Google Chrome and Discord apps, although the issue is no longer present in other parts of the operating system.  In addition, users may now swipe down the fingerprint scanner to open the notification shade once the update is installed.

The update also resolves the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability, a security flaw that allows a hacker to snoop on the data transmitted and received by a device by connecting the smartphone to a fake Wi-Fi network. Google aims to resolve this vulnerability in the November 2017 Android security patch, although a number of third-party ROMs, including LineageOS, have already deployed their own patches for the security flaw. Meanwhile, the October 2017 Android security patch fixes several critical security issues found in the media framework of the operating system as well as a remote code execution vulnerability, which allowed hackers to control the smartphone from a distant location.

However, users of the Essential PH-1 are seeing a number of bugs when they installed the software upgrade. For example, the notifications started appearing below the front-facing camera and applications no longer occupy the entire screen and they now have a broken navigation on the top of the software due to the changes made to the layout whitelist editor. In some applications,  people are required to tap the back button twice in order to return to the previous screen while both the Google Assistant and the Google Newsstand app no longer occupies the whole display and it instead has an additional status bar. For the users who bought their units from either Sprint or Telus, they will have to wait until the carriers approve the update before it is rolled out. Users may identify the new software build with its version number NMJ20D, and the update has a file size of around 75MB.