New Concept Renders Envision Next Year's Samsung Galaxy S9


Some interesting new concept renders of Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have now surfaced, created by Waqar Khan and courtesy of Sean Mirza. It almost goes without saying that because the assumed reveal of the S9 and S9 Plus is still months away, the images themselves are not official and almost certainly not representative. However, they do appear to take a few cues from the various leaks and rumors already dropping about the next-gen flagships. So, if those speculations have been accurate, Samsung could be aiming for something similar.

Aside from the overall continuation of Samsung's modern bezel-free design, the most notable feature in the images is the inclusion of a hypothesized fingerprint scanning notch. In the renders, that's been brought to life similarly to how Essential's PH-1 camera notch cuts into the screen real estate. More directly, a portion of the screen at the bottom half of the device has been notched out and the fingerprint sensor is shown in that notch. It's an interesting placement that, if it were to be included on a real-world smartphone, would probably be somewhat divisive. However, the placement is almost certainly better than sitting right next to the lens of the main shooter. Meanwhile, the headphone jack remains but has been moved to the opposite side of the handset from the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, mirroring the port's placement on Samsung's Galaxy Note 8. Along the right-hand side of the device, there is a single button. That's presumably tied to Bixby, following further cues from the Galaxy Note 8, since the opposite edge appears to house another button that is wholly separated from what looks to be a volume rocker. At the rear of the device, a dual-camera setup is revealed, next to an LED flash and the now standard heart-rate sensor found on its predecessor. The entire array is housed in a single portion of the device and appears to be slightly recessed from the main housing. The front-facing camera, meanwhile, is represented as a dual-camera setup, lined up next to all of the usual sensor technologies and a single speaker.

It's worth repeating that the images in question are, of course, unofficial and their designer is not associated with Samsung. So, they are almost certainly not representative of what Samsung is currently working on for that company's next flagship. With that said, it's always fun to envision how future devices will look and what features they might have, based on the most current speculations.


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