Netflix Finally Brings DVD Queue Management To Android


Following a launch on iPhone earlier this year, Netflix has finally brought its DVD Netflix app to Android. That means any Netflix subscribers who are still using the company's disc rental service will now be able to manage that service through a dedicated application. For those who may yet know, Netflix works by allowing users to create and populate their own list of desired movie rentals, in either DVD or Bluray format. Items from that queue are then sent to users via the mail as the discs become available, with the number sent out depending on the level of their subscription – plans start out at $4.99. They get to keep the disc for as long as they like but need to return items in order to get the next film on their queue. Return shipping is free, as well.

As to the application itself, the interface should be immediately recognizable to anybody who has used the Netflix page to manage their rental queue. The page initial loads with a sign-in or sign-up page. There's also currently a free month of service on offer for new accounts. Once that step is completed, users will be greeted by a home page, showing featured recommendation and a few movie categories. The three-dash hamburger menu contains further options, reminiscent of the Netflix website, and users can add, remove, or explore new Netflix titles at their leisure. The app also includes both search and queue icons at the top right of the screen, so users can look for specific rentals and manage their current queue. The queue, in addition to providing users with a way to change up which movies will be on their way next, allows users to see which movies they have already have rented out, items they have saved, and a history of past rentals.

An application like DVD Netflix is something the company's customers have been asking for since almost the first launch of the service itself, so it's interesting that the company took this long to get around to releasing one. There have been other applications on the Play Store for accomplishing the same task, of course, but having the option to use an official application is usually better for any number of reasons. In any case, the new app will almost certainly be welcome for anybody still using the disc rental side of Netflix's services. Anybody interested can check it out through the Google Play Store button below.


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