Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm Add-On Review

Nanoleaf Aurora is one of the more popular smart lighting systems out there right now, and that's due to how customizable and how much fun it can be. Nanoleaf Aurora is a set of 9 triangle panels that light up and produce over 16 million colors. There are also add-on packs available that add 3 more panels at a time. Allowing you to create some rather interesting designs with the Aurora. Now we've already reviewed the Nanoleaf Aurora, so if you wan to learn more about it, check it out here. What we are here to talk about today is a new add-on that Nanoleaf has announced and made available, which is a small add-on called Rhythm. This add on basically adds a mic to the Aurora and it will then produce a lightshow based on what sound it hears. This is great for music, but it also works for any other sound it hears.

If you already have a Nanoleaf Aurora setup, adding the Rhythm add-on is dead simple. Basically, plug it in to the Aurora like you would another panel, and you're all set. There's nothing to sync, no settings to change, nothing else to do. This is a good job from Nanoleaf, making things easy to setup is definitely a good thing, and it makes products like this a bit easier to sell. Now if you don't have an Aurora setup already, you'll want to get your design ready before you mount it on the wall. And the newly updated app allows you to explore different designs without setting it up in real life, which is pretty neat.

Speaking of the Nanoleaf app, it has been updated since our review of the Aurora back in June. It is actually a much better app now. It's easier to find different light patterns to use and download to your Nanoleaf. One of my favorites features the Detroit Lions colors, and another is simply called "Google" and flashes through all of the colors used in Google's logo. Which is a pretty neat pattern to use. You can also find some different rhythms to use on your Aurora through the app, and there are plenty to choose from. But if you don't find one you like, you can also create your own within the app, by selecting your favorite colors and more. Now one of the issues that I still have with the app, is the fact that you do need to know the pairing code whenever you switch phones and redownload the app, the app should remember your Aurora when you login. Also, there are times where it will disconnect from the phone, but it'll still light up and such. And the only way to get it connected again is to manually turn off Aurora and wait a few minutes to bring it back on, and it'll show as connected in the app again.




Back to the Rhythm. When attaching it to your Aurora, you'll want to place it near your speaker or TV, so that you get the best experience. Seeing as the lower volume the music is, the less lightshow you'll experience, but the louder it is, the more lights pop up. I listened to loads of music on Spotify playing through my Google Home speaker during the review process of this add-on for the Aurora, and it was pretty incredible. Music that is really upbeat and have a ton of bass in it provides a pretty incredible experience here. Something like Despacito looks really cool on the Nanoleaf Aurora with the Rhythm add-on included.

In using the Rhythm add-on, something I did notice was switching from different "rhythm" patterns in the app, there was a bit of a lag. For instance, selecting a new one would take about 10 seconds to start playing on the Aurora. Now this could be fixed in an app or firmware update and likely will be. But it is worth noting for those that are interested in picking up this add on for the Aurora. Of course, the Nanoleaf Aurora does now work with Amazon Alexa, Apple's Homekit/Siri, and Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to switch between different patterns as well as adjust brightness and of course turn it on or off.

Those that listen to a lot of music will love this add-on for the Nanoleaf Aurora, and echoing others that have used this add-on, it's something that Nanoleaf should include in the box. However, the Rhythm is not included in the box. So you'll be spending an extra $65 for this add-on. The Nanoleaf Aurora starter pack is $179 right now, which as mentioned before, brings you 9 triangle panels as well as a power supply. You can pick up the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm add-on from Amazon right now, however they are running low on stock right now, and like the Aurora, this is likely going to be in high-demand, for obvious reasons.

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