InstaVR Unveils Cross-Platform Guided VR Co-Viewing


InstaVR, maker of an easy to use virtual reality content creation kit, have unveiled a new feature that allows content creators across all VR platforms to administer guided experiences to users, and even watch it all happen live to help ensure that the user is getting the best possible experience. The feature manifests as the ability to guide users through any VR experience they make, controlling everything that they can see and do through a special console. The feature is a new add-on to the $199 per month Pro plan for InstaVR creators, and does not have any sort of free sample available.

The powerful new feature puts creators in control of how users see their creations. VR creators can choose how much control to exert over a given VR session, and can even communicate with users, make changes to the VR environment, and trigger set pieces for viewers to look at, all in real time. Through the web console, creators can individually administer a given experience for one or more viewers, or even give the same VR experience to an entire group. This makes VR vastly more feasible for a large number of different applications from sales and real estate to education and business presentations.

InstaVR’s entire platform is built on making VR content creation as quick and easy as possible. Users can set a given 360 degree video or image as a backdrop if they want, or start from a clean slate, and place environment and set pieces with programmable behaviors to create an entire interactive experience without having to write a single line of code. Similar to Yo Yo Games’ GameMaker software, users can take advantage of an easy point and click interface, and can even develop experiences in VR, using platforms like Samsung’s Gear VR to control placement and behaviors while walking around the experience. The $199 per month Pro plan that includes the new guided viewing feature lets creators make experiences for all VR platforms, rather than just mobile ones, and allows a number of advanced development options. It also increases the app size limit to 2GB, up from 1GB on the free tier, gives you more storage and bandwidth on InstaVR’s servers, lets you create an unlimited number of projects, and even removes watermarks and makes it easy to package up your products for retail.